• 12 How does the pressure trigger work? Thu Mar 6 16:13:03 UTC 2014

    The KC series gauges have an ever active pressure trigger with a factory default setting, (recommended value) 30 psi (~200 kPa) but operators can set it to any value between the default value and the calibrated maximum pressure rating of the gauge. The sample rate and pressure trigger values are set / confirmed by the operator using the Dashboard software and then uploaded to the gauge by clicking the “Program gauge” button, located near the bottom of the Gauge Program panel on the right hand side of both Dashboard Lite and Dashboard Professional. Hover your mouse cursor over the buttons to see their names displayed. The program gauge button will put the gauge in standby; no samples are recorded while the gauge is in this mode.

    When the gauge is in standby mode (not logging), it will wake up every 10 minutes to perform a pressure trigger test. The trigger is activated when a pressure value higher than the trigger value has been observed in two consecutive pressure trigger tests. This means the trigger event will occur no more than 20 minutes after the gauge is first exposed to pressure higher than the trigger value.

    When the trigger has been activated, the gauge will start logging to a new job file according to the existing sample configuration.